Phattygirl is sarah huny young, an Art Director in New York City. She's been keeping it sassy and exquisite in the design field since '99 producing projects that range from gully to glossy to gumdrop. Let her create something unique, gorgeous, and profitable for you.

News & Updates

23 Jun 10: Not currently updating nor taking new clients

I will not be adding to my portolio on for awhile. But if you'd like to see my latest work, please visit my profile:

Additionally, I'm not taking any new clients for the time being. But when I am again, I will definitely get the word out. Thanks so much for all of your inquiries, and my apologies if you sent an email or a project inquiry and didn't hear back. Of course success is welcome and wonderful but it also means I only have enough hours in the day to do so much, and answering emails has fallen a bit by the wayside. Thanks for understanding!

posted by huny at 6:13 PM